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In the early 1960's Michael Konefal, age 45, his wife Helen Konefal, age 43, and their son Edward, age 27, started their family business. They bought a tavern and restaurant called Brussock's, and a few years later bought the tavern next door named Hudock's. It was used as a small grocery store where they sold prepared food. They had already purchased property in Jackson Township and transformed it into a clambake grove. During World War II, Mr and Mrs. Konefal worked in defense factories and Michael built homes -- and in one of those homes, they first started to cater clam bakes in the late 50's.

In the mid-eighties, the elder Konefals retired and put their son Edward and his wife Sarah Konefal (the present owner) in charge. Edward died on March 27, 1991 and Sarah became the full owner. Michael Konefal was the street supervisor of Edwardsville and he and his son were very much invoved with Edwardsville Borough. Michael died in the year 1997 and Helen died in 1999. Their grove in Jackson Township became handy during the Agnus Flood of 1972. Being prewarned about the flood, they transfered most of the food to the grove and out of the flood's range. Agnus wiped out most of the local towns, but working from the grove, Edward Konefal prepared and delivered food to several evacuation centers to feed thousands of people. After the flood, they rebulit the restaurant and transformed the store into a catering hall for parties, funerals and weddings. To this day, Konefal's is still a family-run restaurant!